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Posted by Graham on May 26, 2010 at 3:26 AM Comments comments ()



Welcome everyone to the second monthly edition of our company newsletter.Unfortunately it comes about a year to late. After being severelyberated for said lapse in my duties as scribe I will endeavour toproduce it on a more regular occasion ( with any luck, monthly).

It has been a momentous year for the Company of the Sable Hart. We havenow been to a few camps, notably Eketahuna, Taupo and Urenui. It hasbeen decided that Ian and Flash must bring the rain as the only timeit didn’t rain was when they didn’t come. I wish to hereby invitethem to a camp at my place.


Eketahuna ended in a washout and turned into a weekend of drinking and stringmaking. It went really well. Unfortunately our performance at Taupowas not as good as expected and we failed to come away with thearchery prize. We will annihilate all competition next year. Urenuiwas a good weekend of combined arms training and catching up with allthe new people we had met over the year. A lot of fun was had by all,and the glow-stick archery was a big hit.

I have included a copy of the minutes from our first agm. Thanks somuch to Graham for doing what really should have been my duties.

Meeting was opened at 0930 10th April 2010.



Present:- Dave Smith,[Captain, Mater at Arms], Ian Stretton, [Archery Master at Arms],Joyce Eyre [Treasurer], David Briscoe [Scribe], Geoff Downes, Flash,Graham Eyre, John & Gina Wright and Family, Shelly.



Apologies:- John & Bodie Needham, Shelley Briscoe, Linda, Kim.



Captains Report:



Dave [Redbeard] openedhis report with informing everyone was last year was phenomenal interms of growth with the membership growing by double not includingthe younger members.



This growth was adirect result of the Taupo Joust 2010. We are not able to guaranteethat the Taupo Joust will go ahead next year, so will need to look atother ways if increasing the numbers in the future. At present we arelooking at going to Hamilton for the Joust 2011.



Dave reported that TheCompany of the Sable Hart is held in some respect throughout theRe-enactment Society for the way we have gone about getting to wherewe are today, our standard of Dress, the way we get in and help outand participate.



Dave thanked:



Ian for the Ground and his work as Archery Master of Arms.

Dave Briscoe for his Scribe work

Joyce for all matters money.

Graham for Internet Services.



Scribes Report:





Treasurers Report:



See Excel attachment



Election of Officials.



Dave Smith [Redbeard]was reelected unopposed as Club Captain and Master at Arms.

Ian was reelected unopposed as Archery Master at Arms

Joyce was reelected unopposed as Treasurer

David Briscoe was reelected unopposed as Scribe.



General Business:



List of upcoming events:-



Frozen Knights Camp –Tokoroa – 24th & 25th April.

Eketahuna Hard Camp –Eketahuna – 30th April – 2nd May.

Roving Marks Hawks Bay– Hastings – 15th May 10.00am to 12.00am.

Wellington Free Companyof the Falcon – Fight & Feast – 22nd May – 23rdMay.

Mid Winter Coronation –Auckland – 10th – 11th July.

NAAMA 2010 – Bay ofPlenty – 22nd – 24th October.

Eketahuna Combined ArmsWorkshop – Eketahuna – 26th – 28thNovember



Archery Regulations re Body Shots must be followed to the letter after Haggis [Craig Gillan] was shot in the eye with a combat blunt that was aimed at his head. He was wearing his full face helm, but it hit his eye slit andmanaged to penetrate through. If mesh had been fixed behind the EyeSlit it would not have happened.



Practice Sessions:–

Archerys Standard – but could probably come up with some ideas to keep it interesting.



Sword Practice to happen once a fortnight to coincide with Dave’s Visits.



We need to have a Firstaide Kit and a Leech – David Briscoe will donate a First Aide Kit but doesn’t want to be the Leech. There are a couple of people who have already put their hands up for the Leeches Job.



In the next 2 or 3 years we need to have a Company Tent.



The makings for the Arrows have been ordered and will probably be here in the next week or so. A general discussion was had regarding how we would go about making the arrows, where it would take place and how long it would take.



At present we are looking to run a weekend workshop on the arrows. We need some more Fletching Jigs. And a fairlly bit area to set up a construction chain.



Getting more people into the club: Ideas.



Have a stall at the Hobby Expo.

Free Press, get reporters down on a Sunday Training Session and get them involved.

Get More FM involved.

Please everyone come up with ideas.






It was decided to putthe Subs on a slightly different basis this year. Instead of giving$4 per adult per session attended, there will now be a choice: - $4Weekly, $40 per Quarter to coincide with the School Holidays, or $150yearly.



A discussion was had on whether we should hold Public Liability Insurance. The question was asked if we actually needed insurance. This was answered when a Father and Son just happened to cycle down the Archery Range, “just looking around”. Graham to find out if State Insurance will provide a club Public Liability.



There was a discussion held as to whether the Cycle Track that goes behind the Archery Butts should be shut down except for things like the Day / Nighter as was originally supposed to happen. Or if the Butts should be moved to theother end of the Range. It was decided that the Butts should be left where they are and that the Track should be closed except when there is an actual Mountain Bike Event on.



Graham requested that the club buy more Sable Hart Badges, as there were only two left. It was also pointed out that we need to be more stringent as to who has paid for their Badges. We will have to set up a payment sheet forJoyce.



Shells asked about the event to be held in or around Taupo like the Taranaki infantry/archery training weekend at Urenui. Shells reports that the is a place over Napier way called Mountain Valley Adventure Lodge which may be just the place to hold the Taupo Training Weekend.Shells to do some investigation and to report back.



Another topic that was discussed was cooking at events.

Some ideas that came up was:- A Designated Cook.

Designate various people to bring a certain food e.g. Meat, Veg, etc.

Have evenings with designated dishes done by draw, and having several removals. At peoples homes.



A Workday to be organized in 2 or 3 weeks to put up the Awning Brackets on theContainer. Dave [Redbeard] will do the welding, but he is not available until after ANZAC weekend as he is indulging his Thespian Wants.



There being no moreGeneral Business the Meeting was closed at 1030 10th April2010.



Thanks for making it a great year, and welcome to all our new members, hope you have fun,